Our Story


Circa 1991, Industrial Strength Body Jewelry emerged under the skilled hands of body piercing
luminary JD Lorenz, amidst the coastal beauty of San Diego, California.

Originating as a modest solo venture, it has since blossomed into the internationally

acclaimed authority in premium body jewelry craftsmanship.

Our cutting-edge factory in Carlsbad, California, serves as the cornerstone of our dedication to
excellence. With an enduring legacy spanning more than three decades, Industrial Strength

remains a staunch proponent of crafting superior body jewelry in the USA with unrivaled

precision.  Our jewelry is meticulously fashioned from the finest implant-grade

titanium,implant-grade stainless steel, and gold.

Under the stewardship of JD Lorenz, we are constantly raising the bar in the body jewelry industry.
Industrial Strength has the distinction of being the pioneer and exclusive purveyor of the

finest titanium alloy available, chosen for superior biocompatibility, and

representingthe zenith of quality.

Within our extensive collection, you'll discover a myriad of European created gemstones, available

in a wide spectrum of colors and shapes. We collaborate closely with world-renowned

body piercers to continually innovate and create distinctive designs, 

keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of body adornments.

Each piece we produce in Carlsbad, California, USA, undergoes a diligent finishing process,
resulting in a mirror-like luster that is the epitome of refinement. Our jewelry is thoughtfully
designed for comfort during insertion, with options of internal threading or threadless.

Stainless steel rings and nostril screws are annealed for easy insertion.

At Industrial Strength, our mission goes beyond crafting body jewelry; it embodies a skillful

blend of sophistication and functionality that defines the pinnacle of luxury.

○ Independently owned since 1991 ○
○ Serving the worldwide piercing community with gratitude for over 3 decades ○
○ Pioneering the use of 6Al 7Nb ASTM F-1295 titanium, for the HIGHEST AVAILABLE
biocompatibility ○ 
○ Our state-of-the-art facility in Carlsbad, CA, USA handles every facet of production ○
○ Body jewelry that radiates quality and passion ○
○ We provide unparalled quality○